Value is ‘essential’ as parents prepare for Back to School

A UNIFORM supplier is urging schools to exercise caution when implementing government guidelines promoting ‘value for money’ for parents. welcomed the guidance – published at the start of the school year – which encourages headteachers, staff and governors to prioritise best value for money and availability.

But, as millions of parents across the UK prepare to stock up on school supplies ahead of the new school year in September, Director at, Carolyn Budding, is hoping school leaders will prioritise ‘value’ uniform rather than promoting ‘cheap’ garments.

Ms Budding said: “For the first time, the advice on school uniform reflects the growing issue of cost for many parents.

“Schoolchildren need hard-wearing clothes that can withstand the rigours of a day which can include painting, cooking and playing, while remaining comfortable during lessons.

“The guidelines advocate best value for parents – something we support as a uniform supplier.

“Parents need to get value from the uniform they buy. To us, best value for money means getting the best quality garments at a reasonable price to ensure children can be well equipped for school the whole year round.

“We would encourage schools and parents to think carefully before fully supporting the government’s advice to ‘select items which can be purchased cheaply’ as this appears to promote price over value – and to buy cheap can often mean to buy twice.

“We know parents sometimes need to buy on a budget – if they can, we advocate buying quality garments which will last. As a manufacturer and school uniform specialist, we have control over quality and costs, so we are able to offer a range of competitively priced items which cater for families who have to buy uniform at a low price.

“Some outlets offer low prices on school uniform, but our knowledge and understanding of fabric technology means we can offer low prices and quality.”

The emphasis on cost is a distinct shift in school uniform guidelines, recognising many parents’ concerns over the expense of kitting out their kids for school.

Published by the Department for Education, the advice tells governing bodies to “give highest priority to the consideration of cost and value for money for parents” and ensure “year round availability” when selecting a uniform supplier. is an online retailer which offers several different ways for parents and schools to source quality uniform at affordable prices throughout the year.

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June 2014