Choose Comfortable Uniform For Children

A school uniform supplier is urging parents to find out more about the fabrics used in children’s clothing to help alleviate childhood skin conditions.

The effects of common skin complaints such as psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis can be affected by different materials, with some helping to ease discomfort.

Carolyn Budding is a director at and is urging parents to find out more about the fabric used in clothes, including school uniform, before buying.

She said: “Children who are uncomfortable, or who have a skin condition which becomes irritated during the school day can be distracted from their learning.

“Parents can help alleviate symptoms by choosing school shirts which are 100 per cent cotton or a cotton-rich blend.

“Choosing lightweight clothes with plenty of room is also important to help avoid chafing.

“Clothing labels should display the materials used in the item, so when it comes to garments to be worn against the skin, choosing cotton-rich fabrics is advisable.

“Children wear school uniform for at least 190 days every year, so it is important that they are not spending that time feeling itchy and sore.

“While parents are looking ahead to the start of the new school year we are encouraging them consider their children’s skin and invest in cotton-rich clothing if they have any concerns about skin irritation.” offers a range of cotton-rich and 100 per cent cotton garments to suit every budget.

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