Co-ordinated Sportswear a Hit For Schools

A new range of co-ordinated PE kit is designed to generate team spirit among young sporting stars.

Budding team players and athletes can represent their schools in a variety of sport-appropriate kit which is compatible with school colours and branding – unifying students and making them proud to represent their school.

Available now from, the new sports kits are designed with comfort and quality in mind.

Director at, Carolyn Budding, said: “Whenever we see our national sporting stars compete, they have a range of kit which unifies them as a team and identifies them as representatives of our country.

“This ethos encourages people to support each other in their sporting endeavours and we felt this was a great opportunity for schools to bolster physical education and team sports.

“The next generation of World Cup winners, Commonwealth Games medallists and Olympic competitors are at school right now and encouraging our children to understand the value of representing their school or country and aiming to achieve in sport is important.”

More information about the new range of co-ordinated school sportswear is available at