One-stop-shop To Kit Out The Kids

A SCHOOL uniform supplier has transformed itself into a one-stop-shop for parents after building on talent, materials and services. has invested in fabric, design, operations and a new website in the three years since a take-over in 2011.

The online retailer, which has supplied primary and secondary schools for more than a decade, has also significantly expanded its product range which now includes its own brand, designed and manufactured in-house.

Marketing Director at, Carolyn Budding, said: “The business has an enviable reputation among schools and parents for service and quality.

“Our investment in quality fabrics and in-house design has prompted a steady rise in sales for our own ranges, while our expansion of the products we offer has created a one-stop-shop for parents preparing to kit out their kids.”

The business, which is based in Derbyshire, has adopted many of the stock, cost and delivery processes used by sister company Terra Nova which has achieved ISO9001 accreditation.

The firm has also done its homework on fabric research and design along with creating easy sizing schemes and offering an array of colourways while ranges have been extended to include sports kit, coats and hats, high-visibility school bags and other accessories such as water bottles.

A host of information is readily available through the website and online brochure to help parents choose the best garments for their child.

The retailer also provides on-the-ground support for schools with a team who help manage uniform supplies, while offering a number of online purchasing and order options giving schools and parents a flexible yet efficient service.

Ms Budding added: “Versatility is essential when catering for schools buying in bulk and parents shopping for their children. A good, adaptable service is important to busy families, as is sourcing quality uniform at affordable prices.

“We all want our children to look smart at school, whether they are writing, painting or playing.

“We expect their uniform to withstand the rigours of science, school dinners and drama while being comfortable, easy to wash and retaining colour.

“After a major overhaul of all our operations, an expansion in our product ranges and the launch of our new website, we can say that is certainly achieving top grades in 2014.”


February 2014