Age Guides Often Wide of the Mark, Says Clothing Retailer

CHILDREN should be measured by size rather than age when it comes to buying school uniform, an expert has said.

Many parents rely on vague age guides found in most garments for youngsters.

But Carolyn Budding, director at, insists that shouldn’t be the case.

She said: “It may be a bit more effort to quickly measure your child rather than simply go by the rough age guides found in most children’s clothes, but it is an extra two minutes well spent.

“Often the age guides are based on height alone, which means childrens’ varying body shapes are not taken into account at all.

“A tight sleeve, a pinching button or baggy trousers can district children from their learning – or even worse, leave them uncomfortable and distressed all day.”

An online school uniform retailer for more than 10 years, offers sizing guides to parents, ensuring the items bought will fit properly.

Ms Budding added: “It is easy to pick up an item of school uniform while doing the weekly shop, but we offer garments at prices that compete with the cheapest supermarkets and have easy-to-follow size guides which mean you can be certain the clothes you buy will fit.

“More importantly, our sales service ensures you get what you need, while the quality of our stock means it is designed to withstand the rigours of the school day.”

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