School Uniform Consultation and Design Service

Whether you’re an established school looking to re-brand or update its uniform, or you’re a new school starting from scratch, are on hand to help with consultation and design.

The first stage of creating your smart new uniform is the consultation and design process. During the consultation we’ll learn exactly what your requirements are. Our experienced team will then work with you to craft a uniform that reflects your school’s ethos, instils pride in pupils, and fosters a positive relationship with the wider community; guiding you through the initial design of your uniform to creating samples. Communication is key, especially during the consultation and design process, we work closely with schools enabling us to meet their requirements and exceed expectations.



We’ll start the consultation and design process off with an informal chat to understand your goals and requirements. It’s important that all parties feel heard when it comes to a new uniform and we want to ensure your vision is created in an affordable way, therefore we’ll work with you throughout the whole process.


  • Conceptual ideas
  • Visualisations
  • Liaison with brand designers

We provide design support, working with brand designers to decide on the concept and advise on garment choices, branding and bespoke finishes. We can assist with the conceptual look of your uniform, bringing your ideas to life using visuals. We’ve got lots of great suggestions for generating uniform design ideas, for example getting students involved in the design process or voting on logo design.

We supply an extensive range of plain garments in a wide selection of styles and colours, which can be branded with your school’s logo or customised to create a unique uniform. We offer a wide range of design options, meaning you’ll be able to create an individual style that is tailored to your school’s requirements.

A well designed uniform, made from quality materials, that is affordable to parents is paramount. With access to a range of trusted suppliers to our own Hubaco range, we will advise on garment choices. Whether you’re looking for a simple logo on a standard sweatshirt or blazer, or are looking for a unique uniform we’ve got you covered. We’ll talk you through our extensive Embroidery, Print & Design options including colour schemes, branding and bespoke finishes. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to bring an existing design to life we can assist in reaching your goals.


  • Free prototype samples and embroidery
  • Prospectus support

Before final sign-off, we will produce samples of your chosen uniform free of charge. Enabling you to see and feel the uniform before committing. We are also aware that you may need to organise a new school prospectus and will happily supply samples of the new uniform for photography. Once designs have been shortlisted we’ll produce a range of samples that can be shared with stakeholders.

Why Choose Us

We have extensive experience; working with brand designers to produce embroidered or printed logos and using trims to incorporate school colours. We will also advise on the practicality of uniform solutions for your school so that your parents receive the best service and your new uniform stands the test of time.

Take advantage of our free, no obligation consultation that will guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

We can:

  1. Meet to discuss your requirements.
  2. Work with your designers
  3. Consult stakeholders
  4. Produce samples and agree supply.

Finally, we will advise on the best way to roll out your new uniform and discuss how you want your uniform to be supplied.

Get in touch for a free design consultation