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‘Hubaco’ Clothing Introduced

Posted on May 6th, 2013 introduced the ‘Hubaco’ range of clothing in 2013, with the primary aim of providing quality, service and price improvements to our customers. ‘Hubaco’ brings with it a whole range of benefits from traditional school uniform supply.

3 real benefits to customers;

  1. Reliable, fast delivery times – are the manufacturer of the ‘Hubaco’ brand, as such we’ve cut out the middle man and have no need for a wholesaler / distributor, which results in customer orders being processed directly, on time, every time.
  2. Better quality uniform – as we’re the manufacturer, we’re in control all the way, from uniform design, manufacture, quality control through to delivery. We care about supplying you the best quality and the right price.
  3. Lower prices – supply hundreds of schools across the country, enabling us to benefit from greater economies of scale, alongside cutting out the middle man. The savings we make can be passed on to our customers with lower uniform prices!

Make sure your school uniform contains ‘Hubaco’ brand clothing!